Sun Risk To Pets

Summer Is Here! (We think…) 

So remember to look after your pet’s skin

The sun is finally out (who knows how long it will last!) and that means we need to pay extra close attention to our pets’ skin. Strong UV rays can have the same effects on our pet’s skin as it can have on our own. Our pets can get sunburned too – in severe cases they can even develop types of skin cancer from over-exposure to the sun. It’s very important in particular to apply suncream to any white or hairless parts of your pet’s body. White cats and dogs are especially vulnerable. Focus on areas such as the tips of the ears, the nose, and anywhere else where there is only a thin layer of fur covering the skin. Apply a high factor such as factor 30 or 50 and remember to re-apply regularly if your pet is a serious sun worshipper!

Below is Heidi, one of our gorgeous patients. Heidi developed thick painful scabs on her ear tips and they began to really bother her over time. We suspect this may be due to prolonged sun exposure. The treatment for suspected cancer of the ear tips is usually surgical removal of the tips of the ears. Heidi underwent this procedure a few months ago and is now back to lounging in her sunny spot, but now wears suncream every day!

Please don’t hesitate to phone the clinic if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s skin.