At Blackrock Veterinary Clinic we stock and supply a wide range of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals,  anti-parasitic medications , vaccinations and preventative health care products to help keep your pet fit healthy and well. Although having to adhere to strict guidelines and regulations with respect to these medications, we will have in stock, or quickly source the best and most appropriate treatments for your pets care and well-being.

Keeping up to date with advances in treatments and therapeutics is a priority for the Vets here in our clinic. New and better treatments are developed all the time , and we strive to keep abreast of these so that we can offer your pet the best , safest and most up to date and appropriate treatment for their particular needs.

To this end , we will often have a “lunch & learn” meeting in the clinic, whereby all the staff gather for a sandwich and a lecture/talk from an expert on new and modern medications and treatments .