At Blackrock Vet Clinic we have  our own   in house laboratory, where we can perform a whole battery of blood tests on your pet (including full hematology, biochemistry and electrolytes) if deemed necessary. The benefits are enormous, as we can have results in 15-20 minutes. In this  laboratory we also carry out urine-analysis, certain microscopic examinations and some infectious disease blood tests, again giving us immediate results. For more detailed and specialist tests (including histopathology, bacteriology and endocrinology) we have a daily courier service to collect and deliver your pets’ samples either to UCD’s Veterinary Hospital laboratories or other external commercial laboratories as necessary.

With our in-house testing , the results are almost instantaneous, allowing us to practice better medicine. With external lab testing , we receive results by  email as soon as they are available.

In all cases we will communicate the results to you the pet owner as soon as we have received and interpreted them . We will also strive to do this in as clear and understandable a manner as we can.