There are two main reasons that your pet may need hospitalised at Blackrock Vets:

Firstly , for routine procedures  such as spaying , neutering or lump removal your pet will need to be hospitalised. However , with modern anaesthetics , techniques and medications -just like with people nowadays- you pet will often be able to be discharged after 4-5 hours.

Secondly , if your pet is very ill, and we feel that we can’t treat your pet as an out patient , then they may need to be hospitalised for further diagnostic tests, fluid therapy ( drip) , for pain management post trauma, or to move that foreign body they just swallowed, or even to manage them when having ingested something toxic.

When hospitalised with us, your pet will be kept in out temperature controlled hospital ward, and will be constantly monitored by our vets and nurses, ensuring they are comfortable , pain free, and receiving all the attention they need to get them better!!