We strive to adhere to gold standards of anaesthesia, and use protocols and equipment of the safest standards, for the induction, maintenance and monitoring of your pets anaesthesia. To minimize risks, all older pets are offered pre-anaesthetic blood tests (and also for younger patients if deemed to be of higher risk e.g. if very ill or post-accident).

All patients for anaesthesia will have an intra-venous catheter inserted into the vein of their fore limb, and will be given a “pre-med” injection before the actual anaesthetic , consisting of a sedative and a painkiller. When anaesthetised, your pet is monitored very  closely by a qualified nurse, who will continually monitor and record all the patients vital parameters , whilst also using equipment to monitor these very same  vital parameters whilst your pet is under anaesthesia.

This is all supervised and overseen by the Veterinary Surgeon , but our nurses have a very high level of expertise in this area , ensuring your pet’s anaesthesia is as safe and comfortable as is feasible , whilst also ensuring your pet is entirely pain free  before, during and after their procedure.